Staff Development

Now and in the future, the success of the YMCA’s mission will continue to depend in large part on the skills and guidance of its leaders.

We recognize that our next generation of leaders must be cultivated now in order for the YMCA to remain a vibrant and influential organization.

YMCA staff members are encouraged to develop their skills, engage in lifelong learning and pursue advanced career opportunities. The YMCA offers opportunities to expand and improve at every stage of your career, from entry-level orientation programs to executive develop ment programs.

eLearning – The YMCA, in partnership with Cornell University, provides training in an online format to YMCA professionals in a variety of subjects.

Executive Leadership – The YMCA offers specialized courses, mentoring and coaching for executives.

National Certification Program – The YMCA offers certifica tions in more than 100 courses covering all areas of YMCA work including program skills, management and leadership.

In addition to training, many YMCA staff are members of AYP, Association of YMCA Professionals, a professional network group for YMCA staff to enjoy fellowship with colleagues across the country in a non-working setting.