Group Exercise

The Richmond District YMCA offers a full range of group exercise and wellness classes for all ages, all skill levels, and all interests.

Up to the minute group exercise schedule


C3 (Cardio, Core & Conditioning) is a high energy class that takes participants through an interval workout designed to enhance cardiovascular endurance, core strength and balance, coordination and muscle strength.  

Cardio Salsa will teach you the steps and rhythms of popular Latin dances while achieving the benefits of an aerobic workout.  This fun and exciting class will add spice to you regular exercise routine.  No dance experience is needed.

Cardio Mix combines traditional aerobic exercises with basic dance moves and kickboxing to increase cardiovascular health and endurance.  High intensity movements and low impact alternatives are offered making this a great class for all levels.  Round out your workout with abdominal work and full body stretches.

Cycling provides an intense workout using stationary bikes. Interval drills will simulate rolling hills and flat rides while pedaling at varying speeds and resistance to increase endurance and strengthen the lower body.

Cycling Core will give you the same intense workout using the stationary bikes in a shorter 45 minute format.  The last portion of the class will be spent on the mat focusing on core strength and flexibility.

Cycling Heart Rate Training Take an in-door cycling ride with other members in the class. With the use of provided heart-rate monitors, your instructors will guide you by giving queues to simulate roads, hills and races.  This is a fun work out that will help you increase lung capacity as well as lower your resting heart rate.

Danceworks is an intense and fun cardio workout to World Beat music, utilizing a variety of dance techniques and styles.  Everything from hip-hop to Cajun, Celtic to Latin, African to Rock, it’s all here in this class.  You do not need to be a dancer to enjoy this class and get a great workout.  All levels are welcome, and the more you attend, the more comfortable you will be with the choreography.

Hip-Hop HustleTM is a combination of easy to learn hip-hop dance moves perfectly choreographed to high energy and motivating music.  No experience required!  This class is designed to be easy to follow so that as you get used to the steps and music you can make the moves your own.

Rock n’ Low is a custom-designed, low-impact workout set to the music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Crunches and a great stretch complete this energizing class.

Step & Works is a high energy step aerobics class utilizing a variety of step patterns and combinations, followed by strength and core work.  It is suggested that you have some step experience, but don’t be intimidated; you will be instructed on how to keep your heart rate up.  Over time you will feel comfortable with the footwork.

ZumbaTM offers a high energy and motivating workout using Latin rhythms synchronized with fun and easy-to-follow Latin dance moves.  Come join the dance party!  


Adult Ballet is comprised of classical ballet movement promoting technique, grace and precision.  You will accomplish specific gestures and flowing patterns with and without the ballet barre.  While they are not required, ballet shoes are recommended. 

Belly Dance In this traditional Middle Eastern dance form, basic techniques are used to isolate different body parts to form circular motions.  You will shimmy and body-roll yourself into shape in this exhilarating workout.

Line Dancing is choreographed to a variety of music with repeating series of steps that are performed in unison.  You will learn some fancy footwork while challenging your mind to memorize these fun sequences.


Tai Chi combines movement, meditation and breathing to enhance the flow of vital energy.  The slow, rhythmic movements are effective in returning the skeletal structures, muscles and organs to their natural alignment.  This class focuses on Chen style Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Spiral Power.

Falun Gong is based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.  It combines movement, meditation and breathing to enhance the flow of energy in the body, improve blood circulation and enhance the immune system.


Bodyworks are resistance training workouts designed to define and strengthen your muscles from head to toe.  A variety of equipment will be used including free weights, resistance bands, stability balls, and Bosu.

BOSU Bodyworks is a total workout that combines strength and cardio movements with an emphasis on core work.  The class will feature the BOSU and utilize other types of equipment.  Beginners will focus on technique while inter/adv students will try modifications to find the right level of challenge.

Core Basics is an introductory level class incorporating Pilates and stretchingThese basic movements will help you with alignment and core strength.  This class is appropriate for all levels.

Full Body Blast is a high intensity, full body workout that combines rigorous and fast paced, explosive movements with resistance training to help increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance.  Come ready to sweat and move for the entire class!  This class utilizes bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands, and the bosu.  The last portion of the class will focus on core strength and flexibility.

Power Bodyworks combines whole body strength training with intervals of explosive cardio moves both on the step and on the floor.  All levels welcome; lots of modifications offered. Get a total body strength and cardio workout in just one hour.


 Pilates Basics focuses on the fundamental elements of Pilates to achieve core strength. This is an excellent introduction to the fundamental movements of a sound Pilates practice.


Pilates Mat using stretching mats, this class strives to improve flexibility and strength for the total body.  It follows a series of controlled movements in order to engage your mind, body and spirit.  Regular practice improves strength, flexibility and posture.


Mindfulness Mediation or Vispassana is the practice of sitting quietly and observing one’s breath and body sensations.  Through the simple cultivation of stillness we can learn to calm the mind, quiet the body and open the heart.  Class includes guided mediation followed by a period of quiet sitting. (Seasonal Offering)

Stretch & Relax is designed to increase total-body flexibility with gentle stretches, while focusing on the breath as our main relaxation tool.  Each class ends with breath work, guided visualization or laying meditation.


Ashtanga is characterized by a focus on vinyasa, or dynamic connecting posture that creates a flow between the more static traditional yoga postures.  Attention is also placed on the journey between the postures one just the postures themselves.

Hatha is a form of yoga which emphasizes movement based upon the use of breath; combining the precision of alignment with flow and body awareness; integrating body, breath, mind and heart.  This class is for all levels with variations of postures offered to adapt to your particular needs and energy levels.

Hatha Align gives attention to form and intention of poses.  It draws upon the alignment principles of Iyengar yoga, and instructors have received training from certified Iyengar teachers and are Yoga Alliance registered, but are not certified by IYNAUS.

Iyengar this class is suitable for those wanting to find function in form and develop body awareness.  We work with finding your alignment that allows for release of tension and freedom, both in the body and mind.  Poses are held for longer periods of time than most classes.  Intense jumping is not a part of this practice.  At least every 6 weeks a restorative session is taught.  All are encouraged to join.

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Synchronizing breath and movement, students flow from one posture to another.  This practice alternates vigorous poses that build stamina and strength with meditative and restorative poses that increase flexibility, relaxation and mental focus. (Recommended to intermediate levels)

Energizing Vinyasa is an asana practice linking movement and breath (Ashtanga inspired). The practice builds strength, flexibility and concentration.  Modifications provided for beginner students.


AOA (Active Older Adults) classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of our members who might have a slightly older body but have the spirit and energy of a much younger age.

AOA Bodyworks classes are designed to increase strength and balance to create a sense of body awareness which is important for everyday movement.

AOA Danceworks is a fun cardio workout to World Beat music, utilizing a variety of dance techniques and styles.  Everything from hip-hop to Cajun, Celtic to Latin, African to Rock, it’s all here in this class.  You do not need to be a dancer to enjoy this class and get a great workout.  All levels are welcome, and the more you attend, the more comfortable you will be with the choreography.

AOA Sit & Be Fit is a workout for those senior members who would benefit from a seated workout routine or recovering from an injury.  This class can improve circulation and range of motion, as well as in increase flexibility and muscular strength.


Please take time at the beginning of class to speak to the instructor if any of the situations below apply to you:
- Are you new to class?
- Are you recovering from an injury? 
- Are you pregnant?
- Do you have health issues or physical limitations? 

 Group Exercise Policies

  1. Please be on time. After 10 minutes, instructors may decline additional participants if the class is too full of if they are too far along in their routine.
  2. Be sure to communicate any injuries or physical limitations so the instructor can modify the movements to suit your needs.
  3. Store all personal items in the locker rooms to keep the studio clear and safe for all participants. 
  4. Return all equipment to its proper location and wipe down mats and bikes at the end of each class. 
  5. Cell phone and camera use is prohibited in the group exercise studios, fitness center, community center and locker rooms.

The Richmond District YMCA offers a wide variety of workshops and group activities for adults and seniors in topics ranging from health and recreation to fitness, arts, and enrichment.

Ballet Workshop (Beginning and Intermediate Levels)

In this 8 week workshop, you will learn the very basics of ballet in a highly personalized and encouraging environment.  The basic stance, body placement, feeling of the music and basic terminology will all be part of the learning experience throughout the session.

Sundays 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM

  • Session 1: March 8 to May 3, 2015 (No class April 5th)
  • Session 2: May 17 to July 5, 2015


  • Facility Members: $48/session
  • Program Members: $66/session
Join Tiff for this 4 week session of small group training.  The TRX is a great way to compliment your cardio workouts with safe and effective strength training.  TRX training is appropriate for most fitness levels. The groups are limited to 6 people to provide for individual attention. TRX workouts challenge your balance and core while building long lean muscles.
  • Mondays 6:15-7:00pm - 2/23, 3/2, 3/9 & 3/16
  • Tuesday 7:00-7:45pm - 2/10, 2/7, 2/24 & 3/3
FEES: $40 for 4 class session